March 28, 2021

The Bad Guys of Easter 2 – Judas

Passage: Luke 22:1-6, 14-23, 39-48
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For centuries, Judas Iscariot was considered the ultimate BAD GUY throughout history for betraying Jesus. But in recent decades, popular culture, Hollywood--and even a handful of theologians--have been pushing Judas as a VICTIM of circumstances & his times. Others teach that he simply had NO CHOICE in betraying the Master. They say he was born to become the Ultimate Betrayer. Is this true? Was Judas God's puppet? And...what about us? Do we not have choices? Has God given us free will...or are we only acting out the role He designed for us in eternity past? Join us at Crossroads Church for REAL EASTER ANSWERS FROM THE BIBLE & discover how God's Truth & Love can change your life!

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