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Douglas Cary | Senior Pastor

Doug accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior at an early age. After the deaths of his parents, he and his brother (U.S. Army Chaplain John Carey) were raised by a godly Free Will Baptist pastor and his wife (Dr. Wayne and Lucille McDaniel). He answered the call to preach/pastor while receiving seminary training at Welch College (formerly Free Will Baptist Bible College). After graduation, he successfully led churches in Florida, Alabama and Oklahoma, and is celebrating 20 years in the ministry. He has a real heart for people, and a strong love for God’s word. He and his beautiful wife, Lorrie, have been married since 1993, and have two sons, Christian, married to Danielle, and Jacob. He enjoys football, baseball, Star Trek, John Wayne, Elvis and The Cincinnati Reds even though they haven’t been to The World Series since 1990! His life’s verse is Romans 8:28, and he is grateful to God for his ministerial call, God’s awesome blessings and the growth of Crossroads, and that his two sons have both trusted in Christ as their Savior.