HI!  As much as most of us love Springtime (leaves on the trees, green grass, birds – and their nests – everywhere), this will be one Spring none of us will ever forget!  After 3 months of quarantining ourselves from work, church, school, theaters, parks, and everyone else, it’s finally SUMMER and hopefully we can all return to normalcy.  So, let me take a few months to describe to you ALL that Crossroads offers you and your family during the Summer Months:
* Safe, Secure Services and Small Groups
THE POWER OF LOVE, A Special Summer Sermon Series designed to help couples experience GREAT MARRIAGES!
* Sunday School for the kids and CrossGroups for the adults each Sunday morning at 9:15am
 * Big Graduate, Father’s Day, and July 4 Celebrations
* MOVIE NITES featuring Awesome Christian Movies (& Popcorn!)
* VBS for Your Kids & Grandkids July 27-31 evenings
* EXCITING Worship Services each Sunday morning at 10:30am
* Fun Times for the Entire Family!
* REAL(!) Spiritual Growth in Christ and The Bible
One final thought concerning THE POWER OF LOVE messages each Sunday:  Almost every marriage needs a ‘tune-up’ now and then.  (In fact, serious marital problems arise from a couple’s unwillingness to allow God to really solve their problems.)  If you want a stronger marriage and stronger family, join us at Crossroads where our Mission is HELPING FAMILIES WIN!
See You this Summer,
Pastor Doug

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