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We invite you to worship God with us by joining us in Singing Praise to our Savior, Hearing God’s Word for Us through our Pastor, and Giving Back to Him to Support the Ministries of Crossroads Church.

So…You Think You Know Timothy?
Join Pastor Doug for a Super Summer Series based on 1 & 2 Timothy, Paul’s letters to the young pastor in Ephesus. TRUSTING TIMOTHY will open your eyes to the Eternal Truths in the Pastoral Epistles, and you’ll learn much as we study what he wrote to one of his sons in the ministry.

This week, in 2 Timothy 3, Paul basically says The Church is in trouble. (Yes, he was referring to the Ephesian Church, and the churches of his day; but he easily could’ve been writing about the 21st Century American Church.) And, just as in Paul’s day, the Church was in trouble due to ungodly pastoral and church leadership.  Join us for more this Sunday at 10:30am–

Praise Kidz Worship in Student Center First Floor following Sunday School

‘Special Buds’ for Kids with Special Needs 2nd Floor Main Building