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We invite you to worship God with us by joining us in Singing Praise to our Savior, Hearing God’s Word for Us through our Pastor, and Giving Back to Him to Support the Ministries of Crossroads Church.

Close Encounters with Jesus, Vol. 2
Jesus encountered thousands during his 3 year ministry…and touched and changed lives and families forever. Join Pastor Doug this Fall as we examine how the Savior changed lives – and how He can change yours in this follow-up to Pastor’s 2013 series.

This week:  “Jesus & The Prisoner”

There are a good number of prisoners mentioned in the Bible: Joseph, Jeremiah, Samson, Silas, Paul, Daniel, Peter, and John were among those who were locked up; between years and months. But the prisoner Jesus impacted the most (yes, even more than Barabbas) was none other than the Great Preacher himself, John The Baptist!
And yet, here we see John openly doubting Jesus. (Note: It’s not always a sin to doubt. A little skepticism is even okay in some ways.) Like John, we Christians can doubt, too…and for the same reasons, as well.

Praise Kidz Worship in Student Center First Floor following Sunday School

‘Special Buds’ for Kids with Special Needs 2nd Floor Main Building