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Sunday Nite Live Returns
It’s Summer Break, which means SNL is Back at Crossroads! Join us for “All Request Hymns,” “Jammin’ with Pastor Doug,” and JUST JOHN #3: Not Your Usual June Wedding, tonight at 6:00pm.

There are few occasions in life happier than a wedding – or more emotional. Watching a Man and Woman publicly recite their vows and solemnly promise before God, family, and friends to “love and cherish each other” until death, brings more joy than any other event in life, with the exception of one’s personal salvation, and the birth of a child.
Jesus’ public 3-year ministry hadn’t really begun; in fact, He had just completed calling His Twelve Disciples. As we see in John’s description of Jesus’ First Public Miracle at the wedding in Cana of Galilee, there is much for us, going verse-by-verse, in this well-known true story, including the following Fundamentals.