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We invite you to worship God with us by joining us in Singing Praise to our Savior, Hearing God’s Word for Us through our Pastor, and Giving Back to Him to Support the Ministries of Crossroads Church.

It’s Easter Sunday and most of us have great memories associated with this wonderful day. Perhaps you have childhood memories of Easter Egg Hunts and Easter baskets (or the same for your children…or pets!). Maybe you have special memories of Big Family Meals after church (or a bucket of KFC!). No doubt, many of us have unique memories of Easters past, including ‘dressing up’ in brand new clothes for Easter Sunday Service (including Big Hats for the ladies and new suits – and ties – for the men with appropriate colors, of course!). And, most of us have family plans after church today.
But…before we get to the Family Pics, Plans, Eggs, Meals, and Memories, let’s concentrate truly on what The Resurrection of Jesus Christ offers to us – and to all people. (Hint: It’s more than just a Big Church Celebration once every year!)
The ‘Lion’ (Jesus, Rev. 5:5) demonstrated Real Power Forever over the following through His Resurrection 2,000 years ago…Power that WILL Change Our Lives FOREVER!

Praise Kidz Worship in Student Center First Floor following Sunday School

‘Special Buds’ for Kids with Special Needs 2nd Floor Main Building