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We invite you to worship God with us by joining us in Singing Praise to our Savior, Hearing God’s Word for Us through our Pastor, and Giving Back to Him to Support the Ministries of Crossroads Church.

Close Encounters with Jesus, Vol. 2
Jesus encountered thousands during his 3 year ministry…and touched and changed lives and families forever. Join Pastor Doug this Fall as we examine how the Savior changed lives – and how He can change yours in this follow-up to Pastor’s 2013 series.

This week:  “Jesus & The Centurion”

According to the U.S. Census, there are more than 18 million veterans currently in the U.S. In Jesus’ time, the Roman Army consisted of 500,000+ members of the military – which meant Rome had a good number of military veterans, too.
The most famous N.T. soldier (besides the centurion whose servant was healed by Jesus) is the centurion who commanded the military detail at Jesus’ crucifixion. This battle-tested officer was a veteran of war…and no doubt had watched many men die. He was not squeamish, weak, or a beginner. Unlike so many men today, he was a hard man, a tough man, a man who let his rank and his sword do his ‘talking’. All that concerned him was his orders – and his orders that day included crucifying two worthless criminals – and an itinerant preacher named Jesus.
So…how did this mean, violent centurion end up confessing Jesus as the Son of God? He’d crucified many men, some who even proclaimed their innocence, or begged for mercy. He turned a blind eye to all of them – except for this Jesus. How did this soldier, this veteran, come to the conclusion that Matthew, Mark, and Luke record? Like any good soldier, he saw the evidence for himself–

Praise Kidz Worship in Student Center First Floor following Sunday School

‘Special Buds’ for Kids with Special Needs 2nd Floor Main Building