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We invite you to worship God with us by joining us in Singing Praise to our Savior, Hearing God’s Word for Us through our Pastor and Giving Back to Him to Support the Ministries of Crossroads Church.

Current Sermon Series:  “Does The Bible Really Say That?”

“Anyone can make the Bible say whatever they want,” is an old saying; sadly, it’s true.  Even Christians can incorrectly miss the meaning of a specific Bible passage, due to lack of knowledge, i.e., not knowing the proper context, the author, the audience, etc.  Because of this, churches, preachers, and Believers are easily confused about the following topics:  Judging others, Vision, Money, Asking for anything, Not experiencing more than you can handle, and many other Scriptures.  Join Pastor Doug and the Crossroads Family Sunday mornings this fall for Does The Bible Really Say That?  Attend every week, and discover what the Bible Really does say!

Praise Kidz Worship in Student Center First Floor following Sunday School

‘Special Buds’ for Kids with Special Needs 2nd Floor Main Building