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How ‘Bout Some Grace?
Preachers preach it. Teachers teach it. Theologians analyze it. Then we forget about it. But it’s the Wonder of Grace that not only changes our lives, it changes our approach to everything in life! And, it helps us discover the difference between ho-hum religion and an intimate relationship with God Who wants us to live lives of joy. Join us for our Adult Midweek Course The Grace Awakening (–based on the Charles Swindoll best-seller.)

Is Grace Risky? What happens if some Christians abuse grace? (Romans 6:1-2, 14) If Grace is preached and taught, can some misunderstand and live as they please? Is grace risky? Absolutely! But its Reward far outweighs the risks. Check out our AWESOME ADULT MIDWEEK SUMMER COURSE this Wednesday at 7pm in the Solid Rock Café.