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Crossroads COVID-19 Protocols

Effective beginning Sunday May 17 

It is important to keep in mind that opinions and precautionary procedures around COVID vary from individual to individual.  We all must be on the same page when it comes to protocol and precautions in our current environment.  What may seem like whimsical acts of love between church family to some may be considered reckless acts by others.  Therefore, the following protocols should be followed until church leadership determines we can operate differently.  We, as leadership, must and will, lead by example.


Every person who comes through our doors needs to know that we are happy to see them and are very glad that they are here, safe, and part of the church family.  Given that many folks will be wearing masks, gloves, or are ‘non-huggy’ means that we all need to go above and beyond to break the barriers of seeming distant and unfriendly, while honoring social distancing.  Forgive us when we greet you from six feet away. We would love to grab everyone and hug your neck or shake your hand. Please know that we love you and yearn for the day we can do that!

 Remember:   Absolutely no-fist bumps, handshakes, heel clicks, etc.  While this normally helps define who we are (a friendly church where everyone is family), we need to respect that many people are extremely cautious and even coming back to church is out of their comfort zone.  Your church leaders will set an example here.


We ask the congregation to arrive between 10:10-10:25. Please adhere to a 6 ft. spacing.  Everyone has a larger personal bubble these days; please respect it. We don’t want to cause additional anxiety on the part of our church family.

Greeters will be at every door in masks, will open doors for folks, and offer a bulletin. (You should not need to open an entry door.)  IF YOU DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE TAKING A BULLETIN, PLEASE DON’T.

Greeters will encourage folks not to linger in lobby and to grab a seat in the sanctuary, balcony, or Solid Rock Cafe.


Every other row of seating in sanctuary and balcony will be closed.  We strongly recommend non-family members sit 6 ft. apart within the rows.

The Solid Rock Café seating will be 1 family per table and we will spread tables as far away from each other as possible.

8.5 x 11 signs hanging on the sanctuary doors, main entrances, and bathrooms will remind folks of safety precautions. We don’t want to frighten you, but we do want you to know that we are serious about your wellbeing!

 Tithes and Offerings

There will be no-touch buckets inside the entrances to the main church facility where you can walk by and drop your gift discretely and safely.  Online giving through PushPay is always accessible from HOME PAGE under ‘GIVING’.


Pastor will instruct the back row to exit the sanctuary first and to not linger in the lobby, followed by the next row and so forth.  Balcony will then be dismissed row by row.  Greeters will hold the exit door open and get people moving.  If used for seating, those in the Solid Rock Cafe can exit out the Solid Rock Café doors.  We will have an usher for this door, if the café is utilized.

Pastor and Greeters will remind the congregation to exit the doors quickly, as many people will not want to be blocked in.




All workers are provided masks and gloves and will be reminded to wash/sanitize often.


Praise Kidz and Teens

Parents, it is important that you talk with your kids regarding the importance of personal space.  Many kids/teens have rarely been out of the house during March/April and haven’t witnessed social distancing in practice.  If kids cannot or are not mature enough to follow the guidelines, they will need to sit with mom and dad.


The facility will be clean when the doors are open.  A couple volunteers will, during service, clean handles to sanctuary, bathrooms, and any surface the congregation may have touched entering the building.  Those volunteers will wear masks and gloves. We want you to feel safe!


We will post and show at the beginning of service, a quick video on how the church is preparing for resuming regular services. This will be a short video demonstrating how things will flow, and be cleaned and safe when you arrive.