HI – Welcome to our Crossroads website.  Thanks for visiting.  I also encourage you to connect with us on our Facebook page where you’ll find lots of pics, videos, and other information. https://www.facebook.com/crossroadsfwbchurchjenks/
   Fall has officially arrived.  Weekends are full of football games (high school, college, and pro).  The days are definitely getting shorter, and DST ends on November 4, which will result in even shorter days!  Fall Break and Halloween are just around the corner, and the Holiday Season will begin a few weeks after that.  Before long, we’ll be storing our mowers for the winter, and breaking out the rakes for the leaves that will soon cover our yards.  There’s something special and unique about Autumn.  Summer is doing its best to hold on, and yet in the cool mornings and evenings, we can catch a glimpse of the Winter that’s coming sooner than we think.  And, I’ve discovered something else about Fall:  IT’S THE PERFECT TIME FOR YOU & YOUR FAMILY TO COME TO CROSSROADS!  Our fun AWANA Bible Clubs meet every Wednesday night, and your kids will love PRAISE KIDZ Sunday mornings.  Teenagers enjoy THE WAY Worship and great times every week.  Adults are learning how to OVERCOME WORRY during our Midweek Course, and there are plenty of Small Groups for everyone in your family.  There’s APPRECIATION SUNDAY, our Annual Fall Festival, and Operation Christmas Child kicks off, too.  Of course, Exciting Worship, Awesome Music, and Inspirational Teaching from God’s Word every Sunday is the highlight of our Fall services…and each week we’ll be discovering a CLOSE ENCOUNTER Jesus experienced in the Gospels.  All of this – and much more! – is waiting for you at Crossroads this Fall.  What are you waiting for?  See you at ‘The Family Place’ Sunday morning at 10:30 – you’ll love it!
Pastor Doug