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      Summer is over, the kids are back in school, and football has begun.  The Fall Routine has officially started.
     Have you ever considered the word ‘routine’?  Most folks use it negatively, as in “I hate the Routine I’m in,” or “I wish something would happen to break the Routine.”  Actually, though, ROUTINE is a good thing!
     While we like to think that our lives need regular excitement, it’s the ROUTINE of life that keeps us grounded.  When our sons were infants, it was important – and healthy – for them to be in the same routine day after day…and they THRIVED  in their routines, until it was time to instill a new routine in their young lives.  The same is true in living for Jesus Christ!
     While going to the same church week after week and year after year might sound boring, it’s the ROUTINE of faithfully worshipping, attending, and serving that helps us grow in Christ!  The ROUTINE of giving, praying, witnessing, and reading the Bible will take you far!  The ROUTINE of loving and serving your spouse year after year, and the ROUTINE of going to work for your family day after day will pay real dividends for your future.  So quit looking at your life, marriage, career, family, and church as ‘boring’ and in need of daily excitement.  Treasure the ROUTINE of a Great Life in the Lord…and see if you don’t start enjoying life more!
Pastor Doug