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      We arrive at this time every year and say the same thing:  “I can’t believe the Holidays are already here!”  Well, whether we believe it or not, they are definitely upon us.  Late summer has given way to fall, and fall has given way to cold temps and short days…and thoughts of “How are we going to do all we need to do for the Holidays?”  And, while I can’t provide you with all the answers to your Holiday situations, I can share with you how to make this Holiday Season (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years) your best ever!
     First Things First:  Don’t just include God in your Holiday Plans and Events – give Him the ‘Starring Role’!  Come to Crossroads each week – not just to get in the ‘Christmas Spirit’ – but to Praise and Celebrate Jesus Christ, and His incredible blessings on you and your family.  Determine to spend real time with your family!  Tell everyone to “put the phones down” and reconnect by going to church, eating fun foods, playing games, watching classic Christmas specials, etc.  Challenge your family to do something for those who are hurting, such as donating money to the Salvation Army, or serving at John 3:16 Mission.  Turn down the noise of the Season by spending an evening at home, simply listening to Christmas music, reading the Bible, and drinking some hot chocolate.  Watch the Budget!  (Unfortunately, many people overspend during the Season, only to go deeper and deeper in debt.)  Finally, choose to really enjoy the Holidays by not attempting to do everything, go everywhere, be with everybody, and spend every dollar.  If you follow these simply guidelines, you’ll be amazed how great this Holiday Season will be – see you at Crossroads!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Pastor Doug