A Note from Pastor to You

Pastor’s Message for You

HI – I’m Glad you’ve decided to check out our website.  You’ll find lots of great stuff here, and tons of helpful information about the Crossroads Family.  In addition, feel free to visit our Public Page on Facebook for another look at all of the Great Times & Great Events happening now and in the future at ‘The Family Place’.
      Summer’s here!  It’s time for family vacations, baseball games, the 4th of July, firing up the grill, going barefoot, and taking the family to the lake.  Sounds great, doesn’t it?  Sadly, for many people (even those who claim to have a personal relationship with Jesus) summer is not the time to Grow in Christ.  In fact, it’s become somewhat traditional – and expected – for Christians to ‘take off’ the summer from the Lord and His Church.  (Indeed, for decades many churches have offered ‘Summer Hours’.)
     I’d like to suggest something for you this summer:  Include God in your plans.  Summer is a great time to start attending church!  Here at Crossroads, we’ll have fun ‘MOVIE NITES’, Special BIG DAYS & Services, and Great Church Get-Togethers featuring food, families, and fun.  And, I’ll be teaching from John’s Gospel in my JUST JOHN series.  I’d like to invite you to check out Crossroads this summer…there’s something for everyone in your family.  HAVE A GREAT SUMMER – PUT GOD IN IT!
Pastor Doug
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