A Note from Pastor to You

Pastor’s Message for You

HI – I’m Glad you’ve decided to check out our website.  You’ll find lots of great stuff here, and tons of helpful information about the Crossroads Family.  In addition, feel free to visit our Public Page on Facebook for another look at all of the Great Times & Great Events happening now and in the future at ‘The Family Place’.
      The Holidays are great…but let’s be honest:  They’re also super-hectic and super-stressful.  There are Big Family Get-Togethers to attend, and smaller gatherings waiting.  There’s Black Friday, lots of trips to the grocery store, and stuff to buy from Amazon.  There are Kids’ (and Grandkids’) Christmas Programs and Plays that require your presence, and some type of company Party/Dinner that may be mandatory.  We blast through Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years in a haze of going, coming, spending, shopping, cooking, eating, and decorating that can result in complete and total physical, emotion, spiritual, and financial exhaustion.
     Here’s a Suggestion:  Slow Down this Holiday Season.  Don’t try to attend every gathering and every party.  Don’t go bankrupt – only spend what is absolutely necessary and no more.  Take a brisk walk every day, and enjoy the cool air (try this after a big meal instead of napping!).  Rediscover the simple tradition: watch Charlie Brown with your kids (or grandkids).  Make some authentic hot chocolate.  Turn your phone off and listen to some classic Christmas music.  Begin every day by reading the Bible, and ask God to help you grow in Him during this special season.  Come to Crossroads, and learn how to have Real Joy in your life and home every day – not just at Christmas.  God wants you to make this Holiday Season different – He’ll help you if you let Him.  God Bless You and Yours, and Happy Thanksgiving, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year!
Pastor Doug

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